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http://www.wisetwice.eu/wonderland wiki/logo.jpg This wiki is dedicated

to Kate Lyon, carrollian,

now in her own Wonderland

Welcome to Alice in the World - wonderland.Wik.is!

from AdeleC

This is a cooperative site where every Alice's Adventures in Wonderland reader, scholar, student and curious people from all over the world
may share their ideas, passion, insight about this wonderful work of art.

The aim of this wiki-based site is promoting exchanges about Alice and
in particular comparing different versions of AiW, both in English (e.g. comedies, movies, parodies, songs...) and in other languages.

A sort of Le Ton Beau de Marotabout Alice!

This is very much Carrollian in its way, for sure!
It will be a sort of multitext collection about Alice and it will always be in progress. The pages can be modified and added as long as we need. There's no final version.

All suggestions, advices and spellchecking welcomed! :-)

If you want to know more about wikis, read this.

Enjoy your wonderland.Wik.is: read and add your text! Join in!

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